Silver Lined Duracoat

Now more great colours in size 11 Miyuki silver lined Delica beads with a long lasting Duracoat.
Santa in Sleigh Bracelet
Santa in Sleigh Bracelet
$ 3.30
Christmas Tree Bracelet
Christmas Tree Bracelet
$ 3.00
Pumpkin Pen Topper Pattern
Pumpkin Pen Topper Pattern
$ 4.50
Spooky Pendant
Spooky Pendant
$ 3.30
DB 2191 Navy Blue Silver Lined Dyed Duracoat Size 11
DB 2191 Navy Blue Silver Lined...
$ 9.00
DB 2144 Opaque Colbalt Matte Opaque Dyed Delica Duracoat Size 11
DB 2144 Opaque Colbalt Matte O...
$ 6.00
DB 2143 Opaque Dyed Navy Duracoat Size 11
DB 2143 Opaque Dyed Navy Durac...
$ 6.00
DB 1906 Opaque Rosewater Size 11
DB 1906 Opaque Rosewater Size ...
$ 10.00
Large 3D Beadwork Christmas Scene Ornament
Large 3D Beadwork Christmas Sc...
$ 11.50
Mini 3D Beaded Reindeer Earrings Pattern
Mini 3D Beaded Reindeer Earrin...
$ 6.00
By the Seaside Bauble Ornament Pattern
By the Seaside Bauble Ornament...
$ 9.90
Charming 3D Ice Cream Cone Bead Pattern
Charming 3D Ice Cream Cone Bea...
$ 7.90

NEW TRUE2™ 2mm Beads

The perfect bead to embelish delica beadwork, being only fractionally bigger than a delica bead.

Introducing the ULTRA!!!

Thread zapping just got easier! The Ultra has lots of new features including a retractable nib and even a compartment for holding a spare nib ...

Colour Changing Beads

Mood Beads are made from thermo sensative liquid crystals that change through a rainbow of colours depending on the temperature..

Miyuki Bugle Beads

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, these beads are the real deal - uniform and regular in size these are a positive joy to bead with

NEW O Beads

Ideal for all types of beadwork, the flat donut shape can be used as an embelishement on top of beadwork or as a spacer bead.

Twin Beads

Add dimension to your beadwork with these stunning little two holed beads.

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