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Cymbal Delica Bead Clasps

Cymbal GERANI Size 11 Bead Substitute 24KT Gold Plate x 2

Bead Shop Reference: 2830

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Delica, Component
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If there is one thing for certain here at ThreadABead we know our Size 11 Delicas , so we were delighted to be introduced to this exciting range from Cymbal™.

Cymbal™is a unique, imaginative, and ground breaking metal component line that has been designed to fit and integrate especially with size 11 Delica beads.

Gone is that age old of problem and beading a beautiful beadwork bracelet and then struggling to find a clasp that is as beautiful and fits onto the beadwork nicely. BEAD SUBSTIUTUTE™ can be picked up instead of a bead.

They are shaped and spaced to the specifications of a size 11 bead. Experienced bead workers will have a fun and exciting time discovering new ways to use Cymbal™ Metal Fashion Elements. Available in 24KT Gold Plate and Silver Plate