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Kitty Large Beading Needle Keeper

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Place your spare and working needles onto the magnet on the needle keeper.  The magnet will attract the needles and keep them safe so you always know where your needles are.

Dimensions: Height: 5cm, Width 4.25, Depth: 6mm

Teddy Bear and Gonk versions also available.

Since we released our beading boards and I have upped my skills in the construction of wood and acrylic items it seems I am on a mission to fix all the niggly things that annoy me when I bead.

You know that heart stopping moment when you realise that your needle is missing. With two dogs that are into "everything" I have to stop what I am doing and find the needle as I don't want a dog to pick it up or worse risk that the husband sits on it (It's happened before so I know how much grumbling he will do). I used to stick the needles into the bead mat, but they come out at an angle and they would catch on my thread all the time (Also dog paws tend to appear on my mat when I have spent too much time beading as a little reminder to put it down and play with them instead so I am always worried they will put their paws on the needles).

For while I tried a cross stitch needle keeper. These keepers are small with two magnets so you can clip your aida between them. Its a fantastic idea, but does not work well at all for a bead mat. The magnets damage the mat and the back magnets lift the mat up, meaning the beads roll away from it so it doesn't lay flat. As the keepers are very small, which suits the size of the small cross stitch needles, for our long beading needles there is a lot of excess needle sticking out which means it rocks, and as the keepers are light they kept falling off my tray all the time.

So I have created a Beading Needle Keeper to solve all my problems! Its bigger than your normal needle keeper so fits a beading needle better, harder to loose, double sided so it is heavier and doesn't move and of course its cute too! I am actually really quite happy with it and use it all the time, it either sits in the corner of my mat or to the side so I always know where my needles are.

Lynsey x

WARNING: Needle Keepers contain small parts and are not suitable for children. Magnets used within the Needle Keeper could affect the functioning of pacemakers and implanted heart defibrillators. It is not recommended that people with these devices use this item. Discontinue use of the Needle Keeper if the magnet is not correctly adhered.