Halloween Bead Patterns

Celebrate October 31st in style with our spookie patterns, we have earrings, bracelets, ornaments and more .....
Ghost and Pumpkin Earring
$ 3.00
Freda the Child Carer Earrin...
$ 3.00
Pumpkin Earring
$ 3.00
Santa and Tree Pendant
$ 3.00
Preciosa 6mm Round Crystal B...
$ 2.84
KO Thread Assorted Colour Se...
$ 39.10
10mm Silver Bell
$ 1.58
10mm Gold Bell
$ 1.58
Christmas Train Ornament Pat...
$ 12.00
3D Christmas Village Town Ha...
$ 12.00
Mini 3D Beaded Halloween Wit...
$ 7.00
3D Creepy Halloween Tree Pat...
$ 6.00

ThreadABead Christmas Train Project 2017

All aboard the ThreadABead Christmas 2017 Project. There will be 5 parts released monthly on the run up to Christmas!

ThreadABead Christmas Village

Our ever expanding popular beaded Christmas Village, Click the button below to enter our wonderful beaded winter wonderland .....

TRUE2™ 2mm Beads

The perfect bead to embelish delica beadwork, being only fractionally bigger than a delica bead.

Introducing the ULTRA!!!

Thread zapping just got easier! The Ultra has lots of new features including a retractable nib and even a compartment for holding a spare nib ...

KO & Nymo Thread

Add a professional look to your beadwork with matching coloured thread, over 40 colours to choose from.

Glowing Beads

When the light turns off these little beads continue glowing - add them into your beadwork or try our ThreadABead pendant pattern!

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