Red Christmas Carol Mini Bea...
$ 9.00
Green Christmas Carol Mini B...
$ 9.00
Hymn Mini Beaded Book
$ 9.00
Nursery Rhyme Mini Beaded Bo...
$ 9.00
Nativity Mini Beaded Book
$ 9.00
Jeremiah and Frederick the 3...
$ 15.00
The Mini Beaded Book of Chri...
$ 9.00
Santa in his Hot Air Balloon...
$ 15.00
Valentine A4 Beading Board i...
$ 80.00
Bead Counter Set for Size 11...
$ 31.66
Bead Counter for 50 Size 11 ...
$ 6.66
Bead Counter for 100 Size 11...
$ 7.50
Bead Counter for 150 Size 11...
$ 8.34
Bead Counter for 200 Size 11...
$ 9.16
A4 Bead Mat Insert - A to M ...
$ 22.00
A5 Bead Mat Insert - A to G ...
$ 17.00

ThreadABead Beading Boards

Check out our brand new exclusive Beading Boards and Bead Mat Inserts

ThreadABead Learning

We guide you through the wonderful world of beading! Learn about the equipment you need, the stitches you will use and lots of helpful tips & advice.

Join Us For A Picnic

Create your own Teddy Bears picnic, with our teddy bear and picnic patterns and component packs

ThreadABead Christmas Village

Our ever expanding popular beaded Christmas Village, Click the button below to enter our wonderful beaded winter wonderland!

Santa and Sleigh Project

Our 3 part Santa, Sleigh and Reindeers. Component Packs available!

Come visit the ThreadABead Funfair!

Do you remember how much you used to enjoy visiting the fair? Come rediscover that excitement in a little beady fair ground world!

ThreadABead Christmas Train Project

All 6 parts now available of the ThreadABead Christmas Train.

ThreadABead Nativity Project

Collect all 8 parts of our Christmas Nativity Set.

Beginner Beaders Selection

Colour coordinated carefully selected range of beads especilly for beginners to beading ....

Glowing Beads

When the light turns off these little beads continue glowing - add them into your beadwork or try our ThreadABead pendant pattern!

Buttons make great clasps

Make a clasp on a beaded bracelet using a button, simply affix the button to one side and create a loop on the other! We have loads to choose from..

KO Thread

Check our gorgeous colours from KO....

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