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Rayon Soutache Ornamental Braid in Navy Blue (3 yards long)

Bead Shop Reference: 2238

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Soutache Braid
3 yrds
The Beadsmith
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Item Discontinued

This will be your last opportunity to purchase this item from us. We will not be ordering any more once we run out of stock.

Further Information

1 card of Raylon Soutache containing 3 yards of the braid. Soutache is a narrow flat decorative braid that can be used in bead work embroidery. We stock Soutache in two different materials - Raylon and Polyester. Rayon is a semi-natural fiber - it is essentially re-processed cotton. Our rayon braid has more sheen and the colors available are a more muted palette. Polyester is an entirely synthetic fiber. It takes color beautifully so, our polyester braid is available in brighter colors. The sheen is slightly duller than that of the rayon. Please note the entire line of BeadSmith Soutache was designed by a textile jewelry artist for textile jewelry artist so tremendous attention was paid to consistency of width, thickness and drape so, the rayon and polyester braid can be used together successfully.