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Tulip Beading Needle - Size 10 Short (x4)

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Size 10
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Size 10 Short – 0.46mm x 37mm – Mainly for Bead Embroidery - Passes through a seed bead 15/0 twice. 4 needles in pack comes in a handy vial to keep them safe

Tip slightly rounded to avoid splitting thread, bow yet warp resistant. Ideal for beading.

Further Information:

Tested by our own in house beader we can confidently say a Tulip beading needle is one of the best beading needles you can get. They make beading even more of a pleasure! Tulip needles are a high-quality needle produced in Japan at the Tulip factory in Hiroshima. Their range of beading needles have been designed for beaders doing fine beadwork who tend to bead with small beads such as seed beads or delicas.

Features you can expect for a Tulip beading needle:

Highly flexible Body – These needles are heat treated to make them robust, highly flexible and break resistant – this means they bend easily without breaking or warping. This is perhaps one of the most important features for a beader. Even during heavy use these needles will return to their original shape – meaning they last far longer than a normal beading needle. Expect these needles, with careful use to last you over several projects.

Quality Needle Eye – The eye of the needle is well finished inside and out to ensure easier threading with no snagging.

Needle Point – Specially designed for the beader the needle is slightly rounded to avoid splitting of beading thread and ensure the needle can smoothly pass through narrow gaps among beads.