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BeadSmartPro Padded Large Beading Board By ThreadABead

BeadSmartPro Padded Large Beading Board By ThreadABead

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Beading Board, BeadSmartPro, ThreadABead Wood Shed
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Bead mat inserts are replaceable and interchangable. Anti-lift technology means edges of mat are safely tucked away!
Ledges to keep your pens, scoops, gauges, counters, tools and beads off your working area.
Designed for comfort with padded sides and a larger work area, ideal for home and office use.
Easy to reach handy ruler and in-built needle keeper keeps your needle safe at all times.
Free tube insert included to store 13 delica tubes of beads on board within easy reach.
Designed and made in house by ThreadABead to make beading our patterns even easier and fun.

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Bead Smarter with a BeadSmartPro!

While our A4 and A5 beading boards are compact and portable and so are great all rounders for beading at home, going to bead groups and even travelling on holiday, sometimes when you are at home you need something a little bigger and a bit comfier to use.

Of course, there is so much to love about our boards including labelled bead compartments, we thought let’s try and make something that is bigger, better and smarter!

Introducing the BeadSmartPro.

With padded sides and a non-slip felt base, it has all the comfort of a padded bead board, but some important improvements:

Replaceable bead mats. Yes, that’s right, no more having to throw out your expensive padded board when the bead mat goes, just pop in a new one – its quick and easy! Note bead mat insert is not included and must be purchased separately.

The bead mats on the BeadSmartPro have anti lift technology, so no catching the corners of the mat and knocking your beads out of place. The edges of the bead mat are safely tucked away.

The mats also have bigger and deeper compartments, combined with a larger work area, meaning you have plenty of space while beading. Just like our A5 and A4 beading boards, a range of mats are available to suit any beading project you may have.

As this board is designed by a beader for beaders there is something we all do which this board also fixes...

Do you find when you work, you leave all your tools on your bead mat, like scissors, pens, bead scoop, bead counter, bead gauge, needle threader .. even bead containers of beads that you keep topping up on your board.

No more working in an ever-decreasing space on this board as it fills up with tools and beads. We have included a variety of ledges to store tools and additional beads. What you need is at the top of your board within easy reach, not on your work area. We use vertical storage, so your tools are stored in the smallest possible space on the board. Think the area doesn’t look big enough to store what you need? You will be surprised just how much it can store. With our tube holder insert, you can even keep 13 tubes of beads within easy reach at all times.

And if all the above wasn’t enough, we have also included a handy ruler and an inbuilt needle keeper to keep your needle safe at all times.

If you have a pacemakers and/or implanted heart defibrillator and would like the board, we can make one to order without any magnets in. Please let us know before ordering. There would be a wait of 2 to 3 weeks while it is hand made for you.

Dimensions are: 41cm x 31cm with a depth of 2.5cm (approx 16 inches x 12 inches).

The BeadsmartPro is expertly handmade in the UK in-house by ThreadABead for beaders. We only use the best quality material in our boards so you can be assured that this board will last you for years.

This design is registered with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) under the number 6315841. Any unauthorised use or copying of this design is an infringement of intellectual property rights and may result in legal action

Please note, the BeadSmartPro bead mat insert is not included and must be purchased separately.

WARNING: The BeadSmartPro contains small parts and is not suitable for children. Magnets used within the board could affect the functioning of pacemakers and implanted heart defibrillators. It is not recommended that people with these devices use these boards. Discontinue use of BeadSmartPro if magnets are not correctly adhered.