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A5 Beading Organiser Tray

A5 Beading Organiser Tray

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Beading Board, ThreadABead Wood Shed
A5 Size
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No more messy beading boards! Fit all you beading essentials in one neat space, and carry it with you!
Our versatile compartments can be used for a wide range of projects. Use each section as you feel fit.
Our A5 organiser tray stacks directly on top of our A5 Beading Board or our A5 Bead Tube Tray. Multiple units stick together, so you can use your existing lid off your A5 Beading board on your A5 Organiser tray and have all your beads and tools you need for your current project!
Needle holder included within the A5 organiser and hidden compartment underneath for spare needles and needle threaders!
Designed and completely manufactured in house by ThreadABead.
Use your A5 organiser to store whatever you need for a project. Keep everything you use close to hand and in one small space by stacking with out other A5 boards and trays!

More Details

Picture the scene, you are in the middle of a beading project and you look at your beading board and realise that you are now working from just a few square inches of bead mat, the rest is covered in all the other items you have used along the way. Sound familiar? It did to us...

When we first designed our A5 beading boards, we not only wanted all the beads on your bead board to be organised, we had bigger ambitions... We wanted to organise everything else too! No more ever decreasing space for actual beading on your mat, all your tools would be easy to find and neatly stored so they could be used easily and put away quickly.

So alongside developing our beading boards we worked on a series of organiser trays that can be stacked on top your beading board to store your essentials. We weren’t ready to release them when we released our boards because it has taken some time to perfect, but we are pleased to announce they are now ready for launch!

The A5 organiser is a handy place to neatly store everything you need for your project.

The organiser sits between your A5 beadboard and its acrylic lid, secured by magnets. You can however choose to buy a separate lid for the organiser if you prefer to keep the clear lid directly on your bead board. Spare lids can be purchased here: Additional Acrylic Lid.

With the organiser attached to the A5 bead board or A5 bead tube tray it only adds an extra 18mm in depth, making a total of 3cm with the A5 bead board, around the size of a slim A5 folder making it still so portable. Whether you are going to bead groups, or just wish to bead in a variety of places, you can now ensure you have everything you need for a project in just one small and compact container.

So, lets tell you about the organiser:

It comes with 4 compartments of various sizes. One long and thin, ideal for pencils, pens and scoopeez etc. The other 2 are rectangular and a very flexible size that can hold a variety of items that you will be using during your project, such as scissors, thread, trays, no tangle thread bobbins, needle keepers, pins, bead gauge, bead counters etc.

In the middle is a shallow compartment hidden beneath a needle keeper, ideal for storing extra additional needles and needle threaders.

Size of organiser: 14.7mm (h) x 21cm (w) x 18mm (d) Compartments:
  • 1 x 19.8cm (h) x 3.25cm (w) x 15mm (d)
  • 1 x 7.8cm (h) x 9.8cm (w) x 15mm (d)
  • 1 x 11.5cm (h) x 5.8cm (w) x 15mm (d)
  • 1 x 11.5cm (h) x 2.7cm (w) x 6mm (d)
Also included 1 x Needle keeper lid.

Organiser is not sold with a lid, can be used with an A5 beading board or an A5 lid can be purchased separately. WARNING: The Organiser Tray contains small parts and is not suitable for children. Magnets used within the board could affect the functioning of pacemakers and implanted heart defibrillators. It is not recommended that people with these devices use these boards. Discontinue use of bead board if magnets are not correctly adhered.