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Beading Equipment

What Equipment will I need?

So, you have decided beading is the hobby for you, good choice!

You might be wondering where to start, and there is no better place than ensuring that you have everything you need to begin.

Like any hobby, there is a little bit of equipment you will need to ensure your first steps into the beading world go smoothly. I have broken the equipment you need into two sections: Equipment you really should not bead without, and equipment that is nice to have but absolutely not essential, so please do not feel the need to buy until you are sure it’s the hobby for you.

It may surprise you that other than beads, you actually need very little equipment initially, in fact even as a professional beader I don’t have that much more than a beginner.

In each section I give you my honest recommendation out of all the products we have on the site, which products you should buy and why, even which ones I use myself.

The Basics

Below are the items that are essential when beading with a ThreadABead design, I would not bead without them.

Beading Needle
Bead Mat

Nice to Have

Here are items, that although are not essential, I think really assist you in your beading and something I recommended and use all the time.

Thread Zapper
Bead Scoop
No Tangle
Thread Bobbin
Beading Bag
Tool Set