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Learning How to Bead

You may have taken a little peek at ThreadABead patterns, or even the beadwork in this image, and think I can't do that - it looks so complicated! You would be wrong, all ThreadABead designs actually use very basic stitches which aren't that hard to learn. I assure you, you are capble of beading any of our designs, its easy when you know how!

We try to make our patterns accessible to all levels of beader with lots of photos, diagrams and instructions. We want even novice beaders to create designs they can be proud of straight away.

In this section, we go through all the basics you need to know about the stitches we use, and as you will see once you know how, you can bead with these stitches too.

Having said all that sometimes you may get stuck or not quite understand what we are trying to do. I absolutely don't want anyone frustrated when beading my patterns, so just reach out to us.

If you have any questions just contact us at, we are very friendly and helpful and we will give you as much help as you need to complete one of our designs.

Peyote Stitch
Brick Stitch
Tying Off/On
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