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Beading Tips & Advice

We are here to help you bead to the best of your ability!

You might have the right equipment, you might have learnt the right stitches and you are following the pattern step by step so why are you getting stuck or running into problems?

I have been designing with ThreadABead for a long time and I have received many emails over the years from beaders who run into difficulties. Issues can range from using the wrong equipment, having a technique that is causing problems, even not knowing some of the simple little tricks you can do to ensure that your beadwork has a professional finish to it.

I have wrote this section to address some of these issues AND how to fix them. I will be adding to this section as and when I discover a new area that is troubling a beader which I can help with, so do check back. Of course, if there is something you are stuck on and wonder if we can help, just send us an email to, it may even appear in this section to help other beaders.