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Beading Equipment

Bead Scoop

So, you have little tiny beads on your bead mat and you want to put them away? This is where a bead scoop is invaluable.

You can use the edge to scoop the beads onto the tool and then easily pour them back into a tube or bag.

However, this is not all you can use a bead scoop for - the pointy end is great for sorting and separating beads.

Also, a little randomly, I find the scoopeez in particular is very good for card marking and putting creases in paper… it works better than a paper folder.

If I am beading on the move I always ensure I have a bead scoop with me.

My Recommendation

Although not essential, this is a tool I highly recommend to have, several in fact. I use the triangle sort trays for weighing and picking up large amounts of beads, and the Scoppeez for everything else. I have several of each myself, everyone in the office has them too.

When dealing with small amounts of beads in my opinion there is no better scoop than the scoopeez.

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