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No Tangle Thread Bobbin

Sometimes in our patterns we ask you to leave long lengths of thread at the tail end of the beadwork. This is because we will use the thread later and it saves you tying off the tail and adding on another thread.

There are plenty of ways to keep the tail of thread safe, like tie it around a piece of card, use an old spool, bag etc. However, the No Tangle Thread Bobbin is superior to all of the other options mentioned as it is nice and smooth so the thread winds easily and it flips back on itself to cover the thread and hold it in place, keeping it from getting dirty or in a mess.

As the bobbin is a nice round flat shape, we find it doesn’t get in the way while beading. For some beginners, that aren’t used to small beadwork and are having trouble holding it, we find it is beneficial to use one as they have something to hold on too.

My Recommendation

If I am beading a design where I need a long tail of thread, then I always use a no tangle thread bobbin to wrap the thread around. I find that the way the bobbin flips over to protect the thread means I never snag it or get it tangled. Although not specifically created for this purpose, I have not managed to find anything that works as well. There is always one or two in my bead bag ready to use.

No Tangle Thread Bobbins
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