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Thread Zapper

This is a nifty little gadget that is well worth having. The zapper melts any unwanted thread that is showing from poor thread cutting, so it gives your beadwork a very professional look. Some very messy beadwork can be sorted out in just a few minutes with a zapper

The end of the zapper gets very hot and all you need to do is place it against the offending thread and it will disappear in a fraction of a second.

I also use the zapper for cutting fireline thread. You find with fireline it will blunt fine embroidery scissors over time, and it is recommended that you use stronger, usually specialised, fishing line cutters. These cutters have thick blades so they can’t get close to the beadwork which leaves you with short pieces of stiff thread sticking out. I prefer to cut the thread with a thread zapper directly, this way you can get very close to the beadwork. Trying to tidy up short pieces of fireline later is much more fiddly.

A Thread Zapper also works well when you are stuffing your beadwork with wadding, any wispy fibres left sticking out can be tidied up with a quick wave of the zapper.

Check out our tips for getting the best out of your zapper, Tip: Using a Thread Zapper


  • Retractable Tip - Hot tip hides away for safety, no caps or lids to loose!
  • Place for spare tip - Not that I have ever actually worn a tip out, but its nice to know its there if I do.
  • Replacement tips available. We stock them here.
  • Compact and Ergonomic design - A simple swipe of the button and the tip extends ready for use.
  • Fast heating - Within a matter of seconds the tip is up to temperature ready for use.

My Recommendation

I use a thread zapper quite a lot and there is no other tool quite like it. Its fine tip can really sort out those pesky little threads, really giving a professional look to your beadwork. I personally think it is well worth getting!

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