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Beading Tool Set

At ThreadABead the majority of our beading does not require you to have any tools other than a needle and scissors, however if you want to create earrings or necklaces from your beadwork it will mean you will need to attach them to findings.

Findings are small metal components used in jewellery making, and you can use them to enhance or create pieces of jewellery. For example using findings of a jump ring and an ear wire you can turn a small piece of beadwork into a beautiful earring. When using findings you will need some tools to manipulate the findings.

Tool Name Used For....
Chain Nose Pliers Good for opening and closing jump rings.
Round Nose Pliers These can be used for creating loops in wire, ideal if you are making earring fittings or adding beads to a head or eye pin.
Flat Nosed Pliers Used mainly for straightening wire findings or taking the kinks out of it
Cutters Exactly as its name suggests, used for cutting or trimming metal, again when using head pins in beadwork these can be easily shortened using cutters.
Nylon Jaw Pliers Their usage is similar to Flat Nose Pliers, however the nylon surface is more gentle and ensures the metal findings are not scratched or dented. Note these will wear out the fastest of all the tools.
Snippers A good alternative for embroidery scissors and always a welcome item in a tool set.
Tweezers Used for fiddly jobs which require a little bit more intricate handling. These tend to be included with a lot of tool sets, to be honest I have never used mine for beading.

My Recommendation

I have the 7 piece miniature tool set, I find the small size easy to use and enables more intricate work. By purchasing a tool set you can be sure you have the required tool for most jobs, I have had mine for years and have never needed anything else.

Beadsmith Mini 8 Piece Coloured Pliers Set
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7 Piece Miniature Tool Set
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Deluxe Beaders Tool Set
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Beadsmith 3 Mini Plier Color Set
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